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ABOUT Presto Films 

Presto Films is a media and film platform dedicated to crafting content with the following mission:

To entertain audiences, subvert expectations and provoke conversations.

We strive to craft quality stories to engage viewers artistically and intellectually by drawing from a variety of concepts and themes. Our primary goal is to provide entertainment to a wide array of audiences with each person connecting to our films on a different level.  


Presto Films also aspires to subvert expectations by creating content that surprises and provides audiences with something different. This can manifest in various ways, whether it involves introducing a narrative twist or delving into a subject rarely ventured into. We feel this leads to more captivating and thought-provoking experiences for viewers.


Our final principle for filmmaking is to provoke conversations. Word of mouth and reflective discussion play a key role in a film's enduring impact. It can immortalise a piece of work and even influence opinions and behaviours. Starting conversations about films fosters different perspectives and our aim is for our projects to ignite and underscore these dialogues.

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