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Writer, Director & Founder of Presto Films

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Evan Preston is an award-winning filmmaker with over a decade of experience in writing, directing, shooting and editing films. He frequently explores themes of duality and mortality in his work, often incorporating supernatural elements. His objective is to create films that entertain audiences, subvert expectations and provoke conversations.

Evan's creative journey has seen notable achievements, including the award-winning and globally commended short film "The Stag," which he both wrote and directed. He has also left his mark on the commercial landscape, earning accolades for his work with Dreams Mattress Company in the prestigious Kodak 16mm Film Challenge. Additionally, Evan's project "Suong" showcases his ability to work with ground-breaking visual effects and directing in a foreign language further highlighting his commitment to pushing the boundaries of cinematic storytelling.

Throughout his career, Evan has directed numerous short films, accessible on his website 'Presto Films.' His diverse portfolio extends to collaborations with corporate clients in sectors such as transportation, aviation, and hospitality. Evan has further enriched his expertise through valuable work experience with renowned media outlets like HBO, BBC, STARZ, and ITV.

Evan's passion for creativity started in his early years, where he expressed himself through painting and drawing, eventually evolving into his love for filmmaking. His relentless dedication to professional development is clear in his continuous efforts to learn new skills and acquire knowledge.

Evan is known for his effective communication skills and thrives in collaborative settings. He approaches challenges with enthusiasm and is committed to bringing creative visions to life. He takes pride in his reputation for reliability, creativity, and the ability to remain composed under pressure.

Meticulous attention to detail is one of Evan's trademarks, as he personally hand-draws storyboards to capture the essence of his vision. His professional demeanour, characterised by his smart attire and politeness, forms the foundation of successful collaborations.

Evan Preston's journey is driven by an intrinsic need to create, shaping new worlds, characters and unique experiences for his audience.


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