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Demon in the Bottle Landscape Poster.jpg
Demon in the Bottle Poster.jpg


Writer & Director:
Evan Preston

Music by:               Sound Design by:
David Hamilton       Ryan Shrimpton


Tempted by the thought of an afternoon drink, a young woman comes face to face with a sinister presence.

Annice is a recovering alcoholic. She's had a hard life and alcohol has always been the answer. So when she walks into a bar in the afternoon, it looks as if she is about to resume her old ways. Annice is almost able to resist until a well-dressed stranger appears at the bar. He is assured in his movements yet there is an air of mystery surrounding him. His presence is utterly beguiling and Annice is drawn towards him like a moth to a flame. She watches intently as he flicks open his lighter to light his cigarette. He is cool and sophisticated and when he beckons to the barman to bring two drinks, Annice finally succumbs to his will. The stranger continues to err her on, until a sudden moment of clarity makes her reflect on what she is doing.

New Renaissance Film Festival Best Animation Winner



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