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Ink-corruptible (2017)

Director: Evan Preston

Writer: Evan Preston 


Stars: Harry Rick, Evan Preston, Gabrielle Wood, Alex Markiewicz & Ben Brown


Two entities, representing light and dark, fight to influence a bereaved teenager to decide the fate of the world.


Ethan Dent is a bereaved English teenager. Dent’s brother was murdered under suspicious circumstances and Dent has never fully come to terms with his loss. However, everything in Dent’s life changes when he meets a man who has a striking resemblance to his brother. Slowly the man begins to convince Dent to get a tattoo to remember his brother and things begin to unravel from there.


Harry Rick

This is Harry's third apperance in a Presto Films production. He has starred in Shade: The Series Season 1 (2014) and The Legend of The Crouching Man (2016). Harry returns as the character Ethan Dent: A bereved English teenager. 

Evan Preston

Evan Preston is the writer and director of Ink-corruptible. Evan will also have a starring role in the production alongside Harry Rick. Currently, not much has been given away about Evan's character other than he will be a mysterious and sinister figure. 

Gabrielle Wood

Ink-corruptible marks the first Presto Film production that Gabrielle Wood has starred in. In the film Gabrielle plays The Light: a guardian sent to persuade Ethan Dent (Harry Rick) to choose good over evil.

Alex Markiewicz

Alex first appeared in Evan Preston's Shade: The Series Season 1 as Hugo Godly. Alex also helped with the filming of the second season.The Legend of the Crouching man feature his second appearance on screen. Alex has also taken part in two shows at a youth theatre. In Ink-corruptible Alex will be playing Zane a cruel bully that wants nothing more than to make Dent's life a living Hell. 

The Devil is in the detail...
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