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The Legend of The Crouching Man (2016) 

Director: Evan Preston

Writer: Evan Preston and The Trogonator

Stars: Harry Rick, Natalie Bryan, Ben Brown Alex Markiewicz & James Bricknell


Brad Carter is an American cop in Arizona, a state of curse and villainy. When an ancient curse falls over Brad, he must discover everything about it before he loses everything.


Brad Carter is an American cop. Brad has a loving wife and a great job. Brad thinks his life will always be perfect. However one day Brad gets a mysterious call which leads him to a strange bar. It is there that Brad discovers that something isn't right. After leaving the bar, Brad is confronted by something; something that will change his life forever.


Harry Rick

Harry Rick and Evan Preston have worked alongside each other many times. For example the two worked together in Shade: The Series in which Harry plays the villain 4 of Diamonds.

Natalie Bryan

Natalie stars as Amy Carter in The Legend of The Crouching Man. She plays the wife of Brad Carter (Harry Rick's character.) This is the first time Natalie has starred in a Presto film but hopefully not the last.

Ben Brown 

Ben has been acting for 8 years (since 2007) for local amateur dramatics groups and dance schools. He has also been in a total of 11 shows not to mention working back stage and assisting with lighting, sound and set design.

Alex Markiewicz

Alex first appeared in Evan Preston's Shade: The Series Season 1 as Hugo Godly. Alex also helped with the filming of the second season. His role in The Legend of The Crouching man will be his second appearance on screen. Alex has also taken part in two shows at a youth theatre.

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